Savannah (domestic_pinup) wrote,

in my chemistry class today, human nature grabbed me by the throat and extracted the bitterness.

we took an open note test. a girl left to go to the resource room. i didn't notice.
she came back after everyone was already finished with their quizes and had begun our new lab.
our teacher told her to join a group.

she slowly turned like a lame yeti and surveyed the class, looking for sympathetic and accepting eyes. i fixed my eyes to my paper and moved closer the my partner, the lesser of two evils in the equation.

i felt pity and disgust for this girl at the same time. i told myself that this was okay because disgust often came connected to any pity i felt, especially for myself.

an underclassmen girl flipped her straightened blonde hair. the boys sitting directly behind her oogled her blue victoria's secret thong in horny awe. i had the same shoes she was wearing. i knew they were uncomfortable.

she pulled up her jeans. the oogling boys started to breathe again.
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